“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead & rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.”

 – Benjamin Franklin, Statesman


By Ernesto C. Perez II


AM was a coach in one of the leadership seminars I attended sometime in October 2006. He told me something that has stuck with me until today. He said that if I want to secure my legacy for the future I should accomplish 3 things in life.

They are as follows: (1) write a book, (2) plant a tree, and (3) have a child or children. But, certainly not in the order that is written above.

professional-bloggingWhen my wife was 1 month pregnant with our daughter, I was home most of the time tending to her needs. I remember us talking about her desire to write a blog about women’s empowerment or a similar topic akin to it.

I got envious of her enthusiasm and said to her that I too will write a blog, even though I knew so little about blogging at that time. While mulling things through, I thought about what Coach AM said.

I went over the list in my head… I’m already a father. I already planted many mango trees when I was 8 years old and this helped establish our mango orchard in Indang,Cavite. All that is left is to write a book.

One of my goals in the leadership seminar I mentioned above is to write a book on Estate Planning in thePhilippines. But before that I wanted to write a book about Gated Communities in the country.

There were other topics that made for a good book and crossed my mind. But regardless of the topic, I wanted to write a book to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding a topic I knew and spent time studying.

Although I had made two chapters of the book on Estate Planning, I was wary to continue it. I felt I was not yet qualified and had little experience pertaining to a very technical subject matter. I let 2 years pass before I rekindled my desire to write a book.

To fill the void of making a book, I guess I turned to blogging which was the “in” thing to do in 2009. With my wife’s encouragement, I asked myself what it is I want to blog about. Since, I am a practicing lawyer I thought of “blawgging.”

However, way back in 2009, there were already dozens upon dozens of blogs by Filipino lawyers. I didn’t want to be one of the many upstart “blawggers.” I wanted to be different. So I thought about what made me unique.

I got my DTI license as a real estate broker in May 2009 and joined MUNREB a few months that followed. We were still allowed to use the word “REALTOR” back then so I decided to merge the 2 titles that describe what I am professionally.

“REALTTORNEY” was born on August 3, 2009. It is about the “insights of a Realtor and an Attorney. Just recently, I changed the sub-title and made it simply the “Insights of a Real Estate Broker and Attorney.”

Will Bonner, the Executive Publisher of Agora Publishing’s Latin American office said this about blogging, in his article published in the Early to Rise E-zine issue dated April 28, 2007:

“I used to think that blogs were a big waste. A waste of time to write and a waste of time to read. I thought they were like personal diaries that are open to the public… passive little websites sitting out in cyber-space that people occasionally stumbled upon. That did not appeal to my direct-marketing-oriented business sensibilities.

“Boy, was I wrong! A blog is like a book, a newsletter, an e-letter, or a website – just another medium for publishing your ideas, except that it’s easier to do it.

“Until recently, blogs haven’t been embraced by businesses, but that’s going to change in a big way. Because blogs are effective relationship builders and they embrace a number of broadcast methods, ways for people to read what you have to say.”

A blog is like a book, says Will Bonner. And I tend to agree with him on this. I also agree that my blog provides me with a medium to publish my ideas. For now, blogging aids me in sharpening my writing skills so that eventually I can fulfill my goal of writing a book.

But, how is blogging relevant to a real estate professional? I urge real estate brokers, appraisers and consultants to start a blog. Experts say that you have to write on it daily, but in my experience you have to acclimatize yourself first to this new and exciting experience.

Aside from being an effective relationship builder for you and your would-be clients, blogging gives you an opportunity to write or comment on things that affect our profession, the real estate industry, and the experiences we undergo as real estate professionals performing our tasks.

Don’t ever think that your opinions are irrelevant or unimportant. Because they are, and if you put it out in the web they contribute to the body of knowledge that may help a colleague in his situation or bring about change in our industry.

MHS is a veteran real estate broker who has been blogging for quite sometime now. She has chronicled her experiences and thoughts about the real estate market and the particular properties she markets. And for all her efforts she has been rewarded with a steady stream of client and sales leads.

Yes! Blogging can earn you extra income. According to information marketer Gary North, “You possess a lot more knowledge than you think. In many cases, that knowledge is valuable to those who don’t possess it.”

When done correctly and regularly it can be an additional source of income for you. Will Bonner says “If you write good articles and do some simple marketing of your blog, you will be rewarded with an established daily readership that you can sell any number of things to: products, ad space, affiliate deals, consulting services… you name it.

That may be an appealing motivation for you to do the extra work it takes to create and write a blog. However, if you are truly altruistic and one of those professionals who love to write to keep their “creative” side alive then you might be satisfied to know that what you have written is a welcome addition to the body of knowledge of the topic you chose to write about.

Now, for all those who said that they have no time to blog, this is what Will Bonner had to say:

I don’t care what your schedule is like. You have the time to blog. Your posts should be quick and easy to read, anyway. There’s no need for long, drawn-out posts. (They won’t get read unless they’re exceptionally good.) If you have 10 minutes a day, you can have your own income-generating blog.

Moreover, according to Will Bonner, one benefit of blogging is that it can push you to do things you normally wouldn’t do… just so you’ll have something to write about.

For me, blogging gets me out of my comfort zone. It makes me use my time productively. Instead of watching news in the morning I spend time reading books. I take time to read for a minimum of 45 minutes in the day. Thereafter, I take down notes and blog about the ideas that came to mind as I read my chosen book.

Blogging is just another tool that will help us real estate brokers to improve our craft to better serve our clients. It has many benefits for you as it relates to our profession and our industry.

Ask MHS, she has never run out of potential buyers and sellers to service. For this, she has her blog to thank. At this point, what are you going to do?