“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

Sigmund Freud, Founding Father of Psychoanalysis


By Realttorney


Daddy We Love YouHappy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads who have given their 100% to love, care and provide for their entire family. According to fathersdaycelebration.com celebrating father’s day is extremely important because it helps acknowledge the contributions of fathers to individual families and to societies at large.

A special greeting goes out to Mr. Jomar Hilario, one of the best online marketing gurus in the Philippines, if not the best so far. I had the great and wonderful opportunity to sit down and listen to him up close and personal yesterday in one of his live events.

I now know that he has helped out numerous people to improve and better their lives. And he continues to do so at present. He is training an army of virtual assistants to serve the online entrepreneurs in the country and of the world.

I now know that he is extremely passionate in what he does. His knowledge of the topics he discussed is unparalleled. And his teaching style is exceedingly effective. He is genuine and authentic.

However, in the beginning, I was skeptical of Jomar Hilario as a person as well as to his methods. But, he has made a believer in me. It was the best four hours that I have spent in quite some time.

I drove for my wife to Jomar’s live event in Makati yesterday. Instead of dropping her off and going somewhere else, I decided to stay and listen to him speak. And, I left with plenty of inspiration to make my site better and more responsive to my audience.

The things that he said were not new to me (“alam ko na yan” syndrome). But somehow when he said them it struck a chord inside me and his message was delivered loud and clear.

The story of how I started my blog was told in my post entitled “Blogging and the Real Estate Service Professional.” In the article I said, “blogging is just another tool that will help us real estate brokers to improve our craft to better serve our clients. It has many benefits for you as it relates to our profession and our industry.

As Jomar discussed how to begin in your journey towards online marketing success, here are the 3 critical lessons I relearned from him yesterday:

  1. Never stop learning. Jomar says that in order to start your success online, you must have an “education budget.” What does he mean? You must allocate time and financial resources to attend seminars (locally and abroad) to learn everything there is in the topic of your interest or in the career of your choice. Also, buy books (print or audio version) and read or listen to them. This is the similar advice I gave and more, in my post “Learn Constantly, Improve Constantly.” Be a life-long learner. Don’t settle, go for good and aim for greatness.
  2. Dare to dream. Jomar reminded us to create our own vision board or book. What is it? It is a collection or collage of pictures that will remind you of want you want in your life. If you see a picture of your dream house, car or gadget in a magazine, cut it out. The pictures can be pasted on an illustration board or placed inside a clear book. The vision book is an important tool to help remind and motivate you constantly of what you want to achieve at the end of 2013, for example. So it has to be placed somewhere you can see everyday.
  3. Change your mind set. Learn the vocabulary of the positive and successful people. Along with learning the lingo of the successful people you have to interact with them frequently. This is a conscious choice with consequence. Why? If your friends are negative and unmotivated then you must spend less and less time with them because they will drag you down. The extreme action of this is to cut your ties with them completely. Instead, start building your “success network.” Do this by spending more time with people who earn more than and think differently from you (so your boss doesn’t count since he is also an employee). 

I’ve always reminded myself, “You are only as good as your last success. And, you are only as bad as your last failure.” Learn these 3 critical lessons to heart and you will be on your way to succeeding as an online marketer.

In the era of social media, a strong presence online is a must for all real estate service professionals. If you do not have online presence, then maybe you should highly consider it now.

Take a leap of faith. Challenge yourself to do great things online. If you have the passion for writing then start a blog today.

Seek out Jomar Hilario and enroll in one of his many mentoring programs. If you want to be an expert in a particular field then a mentor is what you need.

And like a father who protects his child from experiencing unnecessary failures, Jomar could prove to be your perfect guru as you journey through the world of online marketing success.

Are you ready to take action now?

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Do you want to know what 3 lessons I learned from an online marketing expert yesterday?And I didn’t even go to Singapore to learn it.  

DISCLAIMER: The author has never enrolled or joined in any of Mr. Hilario’s programs on internet marketing as of the time of this writing. Although his wife (who helps maintain this blog) is a current participant in the “Online Mentoring Course 2,” the author has not read or actively listened to any of the written and/or audio materials of the said course. Furthermore, this article is not a promotion script for Mr. Hilario’s programs.