“Accomplishing a goal has three phases: deciding to do it, determining what specific actions are necessary and in what order, and executing those actions.”

Michael Masterson, Best-selling Author and Entrepreneur


By Realttorney


Happy New Year 2014From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!! Christmas season is officially about to end and we hope that you have enjoyed the time spent with your loved ones.

As we close the year 2013, we look expectantly towards 2014 and the vast opportunities it brings to be of service to clients, friends, family members and our community. We want to “hit the ground” of 2014 running and shake off the effects of long holiday break.

I am sure most of us were not able to accomplish all our goals in 2013. Hence, we look to the next year to continue our quest to finish what we started in 2013. For those who have accomplished all that they set to do in 2013, we congratulate you for your tireless efforts.

So how do you make 2014 your best year in real estate? Here are three (3) steps we suggest you do.

First, CONDUCT A YEAREND REVIEW. Go over your daily planner to see the various activities and projects that have been completed during the year. If you have a journal where you list all your goals then read them and determine why you succeeded in a particular goal or project and why you failed on another.

I use a daily planner where I list down what I will do, where I have been and what I did in a particular day. Meanwhile, my 2013 goals are listed in my laptop.

It is a great activity to do especially towards the end of the year. It only takes 20 minutes or longer, depending on you. With a pen and paper, find a quiet place to sit back and reminisce on the year that is about to end.

Take note of the goals, projects and tasks that were not started, started but not concluded. What could have been the reasons for such failures or missteps? Reflect on these reasons.

Oftentimes, the number one reason for me not accomplishing a particular goal or project is the lack of time. Another is over enthusiasm which leads to setting too many goals and thinking it can be accomplished all at the same time period.

Second, I like to call this GOAL-ORIENTEERING. Now, it is time to set new goals. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of “Psycho-Cybernetics” likened a human being to a bicycle: we maintain our balance only while we are moving toward something. Trying to maintain balance while sitting in one place makes us feel shaky and, ultimately, we fall.

Dr. Maltz says that if we have no worthwhile personal goals, it is easy to conclude that life itself is not worthwhile. It is only by establishing specific attainable goals that we turn our servomechanism into a success mechanism.

There are dozen upon dozen of self-help books discussing how to effectively set goals. I have written about goal-orienteering in a previous article.   But, Dr. Maltz emphasized that setting goals that are fulfilling and achievable requires a SMART approach –


Taking the SMART approach make a list of all your goals for the coming year. Don’t worry about how long your list will be. Just write down all that your heart and mind desire.

Then, prioritize these goals based on your core values and beliefs. Choose 4 to 6 major goals for the year that will improve your health, wealth-building abilities, personal or intellectual development and family or social relationships. This approach is a suggestion of Michael Masterson, the creator of Early to Rise, which I have fully embraced.

Write your goals down and be SPECIFIC. Thereafter, breakdown your yearly goals to monthly goals. Then breakdown the monthly goals to weekly goals. After identifying your weekly goals, create your PLAN OF ACTION. Determine how much time you are willing to commit to fulfill each and every goal in your plan.

Set specific deadlines for achieving the goals/completing the task and layout the details of the plan to achieve these goals. If it’s too large a goal, break it down into sub-deadlines and write them down in order.

To summarize, organize the items on your list into a plan by placing them in the proper sequence and priority. Next, set aside time everyday to work towards these important goals.

Dwayne Baptist in his book “5 Secrets of Goal Setting” says FOCUSED ACTION is the basic key to achieving the success. Take time (at least an hour) to follow what is suggested above to come up with a plan that you can implement for the entire year. And, with your Plan of Action in place, you are ready to execute it with focused action.

The third step is to CREATE A FEEDBACK MECHANISM. Monitor your progress by keeping a journal of every action taken towards achieving your goals. I have mine in my daily planner and in my laptop.

It is extremely important to set up a structure on how you will record your daily efforts. Keeping record in a Goals Journal of the many steps you achieved is a must so that you can review your accomplishments at a later date.

I do a quarterly review of my progress. Why? Failures will abound. This I know very well. In the last 7 years, there have been a lot of unaccomplished goals for me. So, plan to fail.

It took me all of last year to accept the fact that failures are a part of the journey to success. Failures should strengthen us not weaken us. Therefore, this year, I am more than determined to make 2014 my best year in real estate.

My motto at the beginning of 2013 is “If you want different results… start doing things differently.” Follow the 3 steps listed above and welcome the New Year with renewed vigor.

But, I leave you with a warning. Executing your Plan as you designed it following the 3 steps here is hard, hard work. So, aside from planning to fail, plan for some rest and recreation as a reward for yourself and your family with every major success you will have.