“Action speaks louder than words.”

– Popular American Idiom



By Realttorney


Are you just like the majority of people who greet the start of every year with their New Year’s Resolution? The most common resolutions are: to lose weight, to eat right, to save more, and to earn more. The list goes on and on.

But, somehow by the third week of the month people have forgotten their resolutions and are back to their old ways and habits. You may have read an article similar to this. But the message bears repeating again and again.

If you don’t do things differently, don’t expect different results. The reason why people forget about their resolutions by the third week of January is because they have not “actualized their resolutions.”

Many resolutions remain in the realm of the mind. As it sits there, the multitude of daily concerns and mundane tasks of life relegate our resolutions to the background until it is forgotten completely.

So how do you keep your resolutions or goals at the forefront of your mind? Here are some suggestions.

First, if you have not already done it for this year, write down your resolution or goal. Second, read it every day. Third, take action every day. And lastly, rewrite and improve the based on failures or setbacks that you encounter daily.

In my opinion, the most important step to do is the second suggestion. TAKE ACTION. Do things now. Your daily tasks should be based upon how you will achieve or actualize the resolution or goal to bring you the advantages you desire.take-action

Nothing gets done if there is no action on your part. Think about how things will be like after 90 days in relation to your resolution. Will you have established some gains? Or nothing happened and you are still in the same state as you were in the beginning of the year?

Think about how it will be like at the end of the year. Did you make your resolution come to past? Or are you going to declare the same resolution at the beginning of next year. The choice is always yours.

Failure should not be an option this year. Changes will happen as you pursue your goals, dreams and resolutions. However, no matter what your goals are and how grand or simple they are the key to success is action.

Therefore, sit down get a pen and paper and write down your resolution or goal – whatever it may be. Paste the piece of paper where you wrote down your resolution in the mirror you use every day so that you can see it and read it a lot.

Make a plan on how you can achieve or actualize your resolution. Thereafter, if and when, you encounter failures or setbacks sit down again and rewrite, recalibrate and improve the wordings of your resolution as well as the plan on how to achieve it.

Try it out. You have everything to gain. Make it so, in order that by the end of 2014 you will have a great story to narrate to your friends, family and colleagues.

Happy living.