“This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are.”


– Plato, Ancient Greek Philosopher [428 BC – 348 BC]


By Realttorney



From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cavite_Map.jpg

This article is not about the City of Tagaytay. It will be mentioned here often, but it will not be the focus of this essay.

According to the proposed Cavite Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan 2011 – 2020, “the areas of Tagaytay, Silang, Alfonso, Mendez, Amadeo, Indang, Ternate and Maragondon comprises the third Growth Area known as Metro Tagaytay or the Tourism Haven and Food Basket of the Province. These are the top food producers in the Province and sites of some of the province’s scenic and tourism spot.”[1]

Of course, the most famous local government unit (LGU) in the proposed cluster is Tagaytay City. Being approximately 56 kilometers south of the National Capital Region, some consider Tagaytay City the next best thing to Baguio for local and foreign tourists, who want to experience a cooler climate and escape the concrete jungle of Metropolitan Manila.

But, Metro Tagaytay is more than just the City of Character. As the third Growth Area in the proposed Framework Plan of Cavite, LGUs in this cluster “have an abundance of lands for agricultural purposes and settlements expansion without undermining the need to preserve its functional role as the Province’s top producing areas.”

In spite of the fact that current major developments are focused in Tagaytay City, with the construction of commercial malls, hotels and residential enclaves, the entire Metro Tagaytay area is the best place to live in the CALABARZON Region.

Here are the top 6 reasons why:

  1. The cool temperature. Except for Ternate and the non-mountainous areas of Maragondon, Metro Tagaytay is blessed with relatively low temperature, normally 1 to 2 degrees lower than the temperature in the National Capital Region, and abundant rainfall. Despite the temperatures in the Metro Tagaytay area reaching the mid-30’s especially during the month of May, the entire area experiences cooler temperatures at night time and the break of dawn during summer time.

Majority of the LGUs belonging to the cluster is located 230 to 600 meters above sea level. This is the major reason for the cool and invigorating climate. As such, residents and retirees from abroad, have lower electricity bill during summer compared to those in Metro Manila.

  1. The fresh air. Majority of the land area of Metro Tagaytay is still planted with forest and fruit trees, especially in the Municipalities of Indang and Alfonso, Cavite. No thick smog envelopes the area during the early mornings unlike in Metro Manila. Read here what my favourite business columnist Boo Chanco wrote about how “Metro Manila is getting uninhabitable.”
  1. The low prices of basic agricultural products. The member LGUs of the cluster are the top food producers of the Province of Cavite. Hence, the residents benefit from this. Costs of basic commodities are relatively cheap in Metro Tagaytay area. The public market of Indang is the source of cheap but fresh agricultural produce sold to consumers.
  1. There is hardly any traffic on ordinary days. It is a joy driving around the Metro Tagaytay area. Of course, the presence of slow moving tricycles as well as dogs and chickens suddenly crossing the road are sources of minor frustrations. Monstrous traffic jams occur only in Tagaytay City during the weekends and long holidays. But on ordinary days, traffic is smooth flowing.
  1. Stress-free living. Most of the people living in the Metro Tagaytay area are laid back. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard. It’s a daily experience living close to Nature. Chirping birds wake you up in the morning along with refreshing and cool air. How can you be stressed when you have low cost of electricity and low cost of basic produce?

Metro Tagaytay is perfect for those who want to fully embrace the laptop lifestyle – people who make a living online (virtual assistants and online entrepreneurs). Metro Tagaytay is also a favourite place for retirees to live in. The cool weather and fresh air is relaxing for them.

  1. Finally, the prices of real properties are still competitive compared to other areas in the CALABARZON Region. Of course, the exception to this is the City of Tagaytay. But, there are still bargains to be had in the area of Metro Tagaytay and in Tagaytay City itself.

An example of such bargains are several vacant lots and a house and lot inside Metrogate Tagaytay Estates in Brgy. Kaybagal, Tagaytay City. The properties are being sold up to a 30% discount from the current selling price of the lots inside this gated community.

As a permanent resident of Metro Tagaytay for the last 7 years, I have seen the area’s growth and development at a comfortable pace. Big developers have entered the Tagaytay market. It is only a matter of time that they see the potential of the other areas of Metro Tagaytay and invest in those areas as well.

But here is the big secret… they have begun to do so. Invest now while bargains are still prevalent.



[1] As an observation, I would like to think that the drafters of the Framework Plan (which is currently undergoing revisions) inadvertently failed to mention the Municipality of Gen. Aguinaldo, more commonly known as “Bailen”, and the Municipality of Magallanes, as additional components of Metro Tagaytay.