“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.

Don Wilder, Author and Cartoonist



By Realttorney


Last week, I discussed “The Most Important Activity to do as the start of this New Year” and provided several answers after reflecting why some of the goals we wrote down were not accomplished during the past year. Today, we will expound on the 7 common excuses why we did not accomplish the goals we set last year or the previous years and provide antidotes to counteract each excuse.


  1. If I have so many goals I want to achieve in one yearI must set a total of 4 goals only this 2017.

Mark Ford, the founder of Early to Rise.com preaches that you should set only 4 goals at one time in each category of health, wealth, personal development and social self. By prioritizing just one goal in each of these four categories, you will be more focused to get the job done in one year.

POINTER #1: The secret to accomplishing your goals is to breakdown each of the yearly goal into monthly, weekly and daily goals. If you do not do this it will be easy to lose momentum and quit chasing your goals altogether.


  1. If my goal was too ambitiousI must simplify it for a greater chance of success.

We are always encouraged to think BIG. If you will set a goal why not set a goal that you can really be proud of. However, we often set goals that are too ambitious which result in not accomplishing the goal altogether. Hence, it is important that we temper our enthusiasm a notch or two down.

POINTER #2: Make sure your goals are realistic in terms of your ability and time available. If you work a 9-to-5 job and desire to start earn P 1 million in passive income in 2016, you may simplify this goal by starting to identify what investments you like that that will bring in P 100,000 in passive income in 2017 and what investing skill is needed for you to learn while you attend to your day job, 5 days a week.


  1. If I set a short time frame to allow me to reach my goalsI can be more realistic in setting a more manageable time frame to success.

 It is a must to realistically determine the amount of time you have to set aside to accomplish your desired goals. Otherwise, you are setting up yourself for a massive disappointment when you fail to achieve your goal.

POINTER #3: Start with how much time you are willing to spend to move your goals forward. Ask yourself how much often you can work on your goals. Can you achieve

If you want to earn half a million pesos in 3 months by selling real property, how much time will you spend marketing your listing? And, with all your daily concerns, can you realistically schedule daily viewing of your listed properties to qualify your prospective buyers? You have to breakdown to the last detail how you are going to achieve your goal with the time that is available to you.


  1. If I don’t identify the reasons why the goal is important to me so I can make a sustained, emotional commitmentI can outline the important reasons why each goal is essential to keep me motivated.

What is your WHY in achieving your goal or goals? This is often overlooked by all goal-setters. For example, I wanted to learn Nippongo as a second language in 2016. However, other than the reason I would better understand and communicate freely with my client without an interpreter, I had no reason that was more personal to me why I wanted to learn the Japanese language.

POINTER #4: Success mentors have said that “a goal that you don’t personally assign value to will never be achieved.” Write down each goal in a separate piece of paper. Read your goal and write down the top 2 reasons why you want to achieve your goal. My number goal in 2017 is to “get rich”. Why is this so? If I am rich, I can spend more time helping my son with autism overcome his learning disabilities. If I am rich, I can go on mini-vacations every 3 months to enjoy and experience priceless moments and memories with my wife and children.


  1. If I did not work on my goals EVERYDAYI cannot make up for the lost time where I failed to take concrete steps to achieve a particular goal.

You must endure the daily grind of trying to accomplish your goals.

POINTER #5: Instead of brushing aside your goals to focus on more “pressing” matters of life, make sure you find time to make at least one action step towards realizing that goal. If I can’t find time to write a 750 to 800 word article in one sitting, I will make time to write first a 300 to 400 word as part one. Then finish off the entire article the next day.


  1. If I do not monitor the progress of my goalsI can actively monitor my progress in reaching my goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Pointer #6: Try keeping a notebook, journal, or excel spreadsheet to track your progress. Personally, I use Microsoft Office’s One Note 2007 to track the progress of my goals in previous years and in 2017 as well.


  1. If I did not allocate enough time in my daily schedule to incorporate the process of changeI can change my mindset and commit to spending more time focused on achieving my goals.

POINTER #8: The best period to work on your goals is early in the morning because it is where you have uninterrupted, quiet and focused time while your wife and kids are still asleep. No other concerns in life will enter your mind in this “golden time.”

During this time, your top goals get highest priority on your daily task list. Furthermore, the benefit of spending time early each morning on your goal is that it “sets the day” with a productive and motivated mindset.


As I learned from ETR’s 2007 Total Success Achievement Program a decade ago, here are the very first steps you can take toward achieving every goal you set this year. As you establish your goals in 2017:

  • Write your goals down and be specific.
  • Set aside time (preferably, first thing in the morning) every day to work toward your goals.
  • Monitor your progress by keeping a log of every action you take toward achieving your goal. (“I did 6 minutes of high-intensity interval training.”)
  • Create a visual picture of the positive benefits of achieving your goals.

Begin with the end in mind. Start your journey now towards achieving your goals.