Realttorney Professional Realty Services (RPRS) provides its clients with the following services:

1. General Brokerage

2. Marketing and Sale

3. Title Verification and Research

4. Documentation, Transfer and Registration

5. Real Estate Financing Assistance

6. Property Valuation

7. Property Management and Administration

8. Replacement of Lost Duplicate Title 

9. Reconstitution of Title

10. Inscription of Technical Description in the Title

11. Correction of Technical Description of the Title

12. Cancellation of Adverse Claim, Notice of Lis Pendes, Mortgage, etc.

13. Annotation of Adverse Claim, Notice of Lis Pendes, Mortgage, Long Term Lease, etc.

14. Surrender of Withheld Duplicate Title

15. Application for Original Registration of Land

16. Application for Land Patents